Gutsy Reinstall

Since I had was running a Feisty Fawn that had everything under the sun installed (I get a little apt-get happy at times), including the KDE desktop that installed on top of regular Ubuntu, I felt a full reinstall was in order.

After all my backups were checked, I reinstalled. This wasn't the easiest install I've ever done before, but it had nothing to do with Kubuntu directly. I guess everyone was downloading the ISOs as there was quite a bit of publicity of this release, because I would get to the “Scanning for mirrors…” portion of the install and the installer would just lock and a Ctrl+Alt+Del was my only option.

On my third time trying, I just pulled network cable and opted for the manual network configuration later selection and everything finished smoothly.

Trying to get a few of favorite packages was also a test in patience and it would take a couple of minutes just to begin the download and then I would start getting the packages on a 10-20 Kb/s stream. The Ubuntu repositories were absolutely slammed yesterday.

Edit: It appears that the Hemingway is not the culprit and it is something else. I'll play detective later and figure out what is going on.

Besides the update issues, the reinstall went great. Since I have a fresh start, I'm also trying a few new things. For example, I'm no long user Apache to server this blog, but went with a lighttpd installation. Besides the smaller memory footprint, the syntax in the conf file seems much more intuitive.

Since I had a full backup of my home directory. I still had all my .*rc files (vim, bash, etc) and all my Firefox settings (and extensions!) which was a great surprise, but makes sense.

Two snafus that I did run into:
1) Firefox lost its back-button functionality. The back-button would never become highlighted. I did a quick google and this did not seem to be a problem anyone else was having, so I figured it was an extension conflict. Sure enough the “Web Developer Toolbar” was acting up somehow and uninstalling got Firefox behaving properly again. With Firebug in my arsenal, I hardly use the Toolbar anymore, so I'm not too upset about that.

2) Something with the Hemingway WordPress theme was behaving properly running under FastCGI. I'm not really sure what was going on here, but every time I saved some thing in the admin, I'd get the standard PHP 'can't resend headers' error message. I switched to one of the default themes and it resolved itself. I'm not sure what the theme could have been interfering with in the admin screen, but oh well.

Besides that Gutsy as an OS looks great. Can't complain a bit.