A Sunday Story

Easy like Sunday morning
Cat on a ledge
Foggy beach

This morning, we decided to bike to brunch somewhere. After a relaxing ride through Golden Gate Park—where the streets are closed as usual on Sundays—we first stopped by Outerlands but, as usual, the line was around the block. We wanted to eat a bit earlier than the wait would have allowed so we moved on to the Beach Chalet.

After a slow breakfast with good conversation, we took a walk along Ocean Beach, where the fog had started to move in. Surfers in their wetsuits were out with their boards in front of an under-construction building on the beach, which I imagine will be hosting the RipCurl Pro Search contest next week.

On the ride back through the park, we stopped at the food trucks to visit a couple of Meghan’s friends who run the Twirl and Dip ice cream truck. Meghan had a popsicle, and as I was still full from breakfast, I simply accepted a plastic spider ring.

The rest of the afternoon was spent writing and half-heartedly watching NFL on TV, with Meghan fixing a pie for Bogan, ordering Chinese takeout, and mentally preparing for the upcoming week.