Cleaning Things

So one of our friends is coming to stay with us for the rest of the week.

I usually love house guests, and am equally looking forward to this one as well, probably more so as she's one of Meghan and mine's oldest (in duration, not age) friends. She was a bridesmaid during our wedding and her husband (who unfortunately has to work) was a groomsman on my side. We like these people.

So in preparation of this particular guest, Meghan and I have spent the past two nights cleaning. And not the “dust the major surfaces, stuff the dishwasher, and put dirty clothes in the vicinity of the hamper”, but Cleaning.

I've swept, dusted, mopped, dabbed, scrubbed, rearranged, sorted, and soaked. Things were cleaned.

All clean!

We've had a box of stuff — just things that don't have a place for and that we don't want — that's been shoved in a corner forever so I did that SF thing, and donated them to our sidewalk. We've had good luck with this donation process before and feel optimistic about this one as well. Some of that stuff was nice, and nice stuff disappears (sometimes whether or not you'd like it to).

There's something uplifting and mind-altering about a clean house. I don't want to touch anything, which makes getting dressed in the morning interesting.