A Sunday Story: 2011-11-13

Writing, drinking
Hello Bridge
Time for some basketball

Our friend Sara visited us from Chicago for a few days and it was really nice to catch up and show a new visitor around the city for a bit. Meghan took Thursday off so they were able to wander the city and get some shopping in. On Saturday, before she flew off, we made our normal bike route through Golden Gate Park, showing her the ocean and the bison.

This was a nice reprieve from the numerous, intense meetings I had work this week.

UNC played its first basketball game of the season from the deck of the USS Carl Vinson, bobbing around in the ocean outside of San Diego. To partake in this event, I and a few other UNC alumni met at Jillian's in SOMA. The good guys won and I rode my bike back in the rain.

After having dinner at with Meghan's folks last night at Thai Idea, we went to Richard and Katherine's engagement party at the SimpleGeo offices, where I got to catch up with a quite a few good folks, drink some whiskey, and eat some s'mores.

This morning we went on a bike ride with Meghan's parents, out to the ocean and back, and said hello to the bison again.

After the bike ride, I cycled back out and went down to Dolores Park to meet up with Eric and Bogan, where I carefully wrapped three bottles of Stone Pale Ale in aluminum foil to keep them cool. It was good hanging out with those guys, enjoying the crowd and the last bit of warmth from the day.

Tomorrow, I'm heading up to wine country for a couple of days, culminating in dinner at The French Laundry, which I'm giddily excited about.

After shooting tons of Instagram photos over the past few weeks, I decided to drag my Minolta 35mm out that I haven't shot with in forever. I also shot a few this weekend with my little Ricoh point-and-shoot.

Bogan and Oscar

Things I've been thinking about:

  • Flickr
  • Christmas in New York City
  • Aaron and his parallel-flickr
  • Building a thing that spits out a random post from the archives of a few choice blogs
  • Hand-written letters
  • How much beer I've drank recently