A Sunday Story: 2011-11-20

This week was another busy week, with the Wine Country trip on Monday and Tuesday with a mad rush back to San Francisco Wednesday morning, and then countless meetings the rest of the week. I've written quite a bit about the trip but I'm not really pleased with the tone of it, so I may just rewrite it straight.

Sutro Tower through the window
I didn't shoot many pictures this week, but this was my favorite out of the ones I did.

Saturday had big initial plans, but they devolved into just us just laying around, as Meghan has been pulling crazy hours dealing with baking and a day of rest was needed. I spent most of Saturday night figuring out how to make my Linux laptop not suspend when I closed the lid. This was about all the fiddling with technology I could stomach this weekend.

Today was nice, though. I met up with Neil and we went to Molotov in the Lower Haight and half-watched the Niners game, went across the street to Rosemunde's to grab a sausage and then a final beer at Toronado. Later that night, Meghan and I met up with Dunstan, Trevor, and Camille at Hobson's Choice for a drink, and then ate at Burger Urge (yep, that's the real name…).

I read a few of David Foster Wallace's short stories and essays this week, which partly knocked me off finishing the Wine Country post. Though I'll never be able to write like him, I do take some solace in that no one else will be able to either. I did pick up Frank Conroy's memoir “Stop-Time” as David Foster Wallace mentioned in one of those stories that it was one of the books that made him want to become a writer — I'm really enjoying it so far.